Fintec 904

I made an impulse purchase when I saw cheap 79 EUR DVD player that had features missing in my Baier 903. Fintec has optical digital output, Picture CD (.jpg) support and also "the greatest entertainment" in the world - Duo Karaoke. In the picture on the card board box the player has VDC indicator lit, so I bought it trusting that VCD is supported although it is not mentioned in its feature list.

First look

# Box #

The Box
Comes with handle and audio/composite RCA-cables.
# Remote Controller #

The Remote
Very light and cheapish plastic, but the button shapes are quite easy to recognise in the dark.
# Tray #

The Tray
Disc tray does not come fully out.
# Connectors #

The Back
Almost all you need. A second SCART would be nice, but it is not expectable at this price range.
# Version Info #

The (Hack) Menu
Spanking new MT1379 Type 2 Menu, but navigation logic is little bit awkward. My player was region free out of the box, but MT13x9 Yahoo group has some nice info about subject.
  1. Remove any disc (open disc tray)
  2. Press SETUP
  3. Navigate to PREFERENCE PAGE (3 times '>')
  4. Enter 1,3,7,9
  5. Change region with UP/DOWN nav-keys
  6. Press SETUP to exit


# Case Open #

The Peek
Overview. From bottom left: mic amp, PSU, SCART, Component out, mainboard.
# MT1379FE #

The Brains
Processor board. MediaTek MT1379 FE chipset and interesting connector (top center) with RxD, TxD printed on silk screen. Atmel 24C16N Serial EEPROM. Firmware 03.7.14.
# JIXIN-2 #

The Dirty Device
Loader upside down. PCB has markings 'Wellmei JIXIN-2'.


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Part 2: Hardware Tuning (power switch, mic)
Part 3: Software Hacking (serial EEPROM, serial port)

Modified Aug 6th 2005 by Urtica Dioica